The Island Pond Chamber of Commerce is a volunteer organization that is committed to connecting residents and visitors to all of the offerings of the community.   We are thankful for the support of the many area businesses, organizations and friends who support us in our efforts.  To follow is a list of community members and people who care for and about our community who generously support our work.

Michael & Linda Bresette Island Pond
Jamie & Annie Budrewicz Island Pond
Stephen & June Clark Coventry, CT
James Cross Island Pond
Annette & Rob Dalley East Burke
Thomas Donnellan Island Pond
Marcel & Anita Gervais Island Pond
Craig & Deborah Goodenough Island Pond
Gerald & Beverly Goupee Island Pond
Rebecca Lefebvre Island Pond
Douglas & Marilyn Maxwell Island Pond
Pete & Susan Pederson Island Pond
Phyllis & Brian Riggie Island Pond
Stacey Roese Island Pond
Alan & Ginny Wing Island Pond
Joel Cope/Town of Brighton Island Pond