Volunteering is a wonderful way to contribute to, and connect with, your community!  Our many businesses, friends, and neighbors both rely on and appreciate our volunteers to help further the well-being of our town.   The Island Pond Chamber of Commerce is pleased to coordinate the following volunteer opportunities:

The Island Pond Welcome Center Volunteer Program

The Island Pond Chamber of Commerce is proud to manage the operation of the beautiful Welcome Center located in the heart of the village.  The Welcome Center is a vital asset to our community as it helps to both welcome and orientate visitors to our area.  Volunteers at the Welcome Center connect travelers with all of the community offerings to include the area businesses, natural assets and experiences, and our activities, attractions, and events.   Volunteers to staff the Welcome Center are always needed and greatly valued.

Community Event Volunteer Program

Throughout the year the Island Pond Chamber of Commerce plans and executes a variety of events.  These include the Friday Night Live series throughout the Summer, Market Day in the Fall, and the Winter Carnival to name a few.  The events that the Chamber hosts attract residents and visitors to our town and, in doing so, stimulate our community economy.  Volunteers are key in the planning and execution of successful events.  We welcome volunteers and encourage participation in all of our community events.

Chamber Volunteers

While you may not feel as though you have time to serve on the Board of Directors in a formal capacity, there are still many ways in which you might support the Chamber and your community.  Perhaps you are savvy with Facebook, or you are familiar with website content management, or perhaps you are great a pulling together a newsletter.  Volunteers with such skills are always greatly valued as the Island Pond Chamber is a fully volunteer organization.  We invite you to consider how you might play a role in the success of our organization and community!